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This site presents annotated genealogies of the emigrant progenitors who founded the first Brooks families of New England. Of the men in the table below, 13 came from old England by 1660 — the effective end of the "Great Migration" era — and the remaining two before 1700. With the exceptions noted in the Related column below, no wider or prior relationships between them are known.
alpha-numeric ID suffix (i.e., Thomas/2c, Daniel/3s) denotes the generation of descent (where /1 is always the emigrant progenitor in New England) and the line of descent of each founder. Dual letters (such as /aw) indicate that two lines have intermarried.
ata for the 15 individuals below is carried at a minimum through the 4th generation in New England. (Several lines are carried beyond that point — see the FAQ for specifics.)

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Brooks Founders in New England prior to 1700

 Settled   Founder Line Dates Location(s) Line Name Related Issue
 MASSACHUSETTS  Thomas A 1595–1667 Watertown & Concord CONCORD Cousins
  Henry W c1592—1683 Concord & Woburn WOBURN Cousins
  William S d. 1688 Springfield & Deerfield SPRINGFIELD  
  William P c1615—c1683 Marshfield & Scituate SCITUATE Siblings
  Gilbert P c1621—1695 Marshfield/Scituate/Rehoboth SCITUATE Siblings
 CONNECTICUT John G d. 1682 Windsor & Simsbury GLASTONBURY  
  Henry C d. 1713 New Haven/Wallingford/Cheshire CHESHIRE Siblings
  John C d. a. 1704 New Haven/Wallingford/Cheshire CHESHIRE Siblings
  Thomas H d. 1668 New London & Haddam HADDAM  
  John F d. b. Mar 1695 Stratford (Fairfield County) FAIRFIELD  
 RHODE ISLAND Thomas R   Newport, Portsmouth/1644 NEWPORT  
 MAINE John K d. bef. 1712 Kittery KITTERY  
 OTHER Richard E c1611–1687 Lynn/1635, East Hampton/1650 EASTHAMPTON Siblings
  Thomas E b. c1617 Lynn/1635, to Long Island? EASTHAMPTON Siblings ?
  William M d. 1684 Milford, CT MILFORD   ?