Francis/1 Kendall

M, #10462, (circa 1620 - 1708)
FatherFather/a Kendall1 b. s 1590
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Children with Mary/2 Tidd:

  • John/2 Kendall+23 b. 2 Jul 1646, d. 1732
  • Thomas/2 Kendall+24 b. 10 Jan 1648/49, d. 25 May 1730
  • Mary/2 Kendall25 b. 20 Jan 1650/51, d. 17 Jan 1721/22
  • Elizabeth/2 Kendall25 b. 15 Jan 1652/53
  • Hannah/2 Kendall26 b. 26 Jan 1654/55
  • Rebecca/2 Kendall27 b. 2 Mar 1657, d. before 9 May 1706
  • Samuel/2 Kendall+28 b. 8 Mar 1659, d. circa 1749
  • Jacob/2 Kendall+29 b. 25 Jan 1660/61, d. 11 May 1770
  • Abigail/2 Kendall30 b. 6 Apr 1666
Francis/1 Kendall, born in England circa 16202,3, was a subscriber, 18 Dec 1640, to the first town orders of Woburn, Massachusetts.4 There he married, 24 Dec 1644, Mary/2 Tidd, daughter of John/1 Tidd and Margaret (–?–),5 and was admitted a freeman 26 May 1647.6 Juror, 7 Oct 1656.7 Released from "ordinary traynings," 6 Oct 1657.8
     7 Apr 1657, Sarah Dawes, a servant of John Wyman convicted of fornication, was sentenced to be whipped 12 stripes at Woburn on the next lecture day. Francis Kendall paid the county treasurer 40s to redeem her from the punishment.9 Francis Kendall, about 38, was a witness, 28 Dec 1658, in the slander suit of Capt. Edward Johnson against Ens. John Carter.2,10,11 Grand juror, 3 Apr12 and 2 Oct 1660.13 28 Mar 1667, Francis Kendall, John Brooks, Samuel Walker Sr., John Wyman, and Thomas Pierce were appointed a committee of "wright proprietors," to distribute common land at Woburn. As compensation for "the truble and pains that they were at," the committee members were to receive 7 acres of "make meadow or swamp."14
     Dec 1671, Francis Kendall was one of 13 Woburn residents presented to the Middlesex County Court "for publicly manifesting contempt for the ordinance of Infant Baptism, as administered in the church of Woburn; or for withdrawing from the worship or communion of that church, and attending the assemblies of the Anabaptists …." Although the disposition of the case is not recorded, Francis must have recanted, as he continued to hold important town trusts after this date.14 Apr 1674, Capt. John Carter, selectman, was fined sixpence by his fellow officers for being late to their monthly meeting, "and shortly after, Francis Kendall, another member of their body, for a like omission of duty, was fined the same sum."15 9 Jun 1676, appointed one of Woburn's tithingmen, "who by law are to haue the oversight of their naighbours, and see that they keepe good orders in their howses."16
     In December, 1686, Sir Edmund Andros arrived at Boston as Royal Governor, and soon proscribed the local custom of town meetings except once yearly for the choice of town officers. The townsmen of Woburn were so angered that for two years in a row, 1687-88, they convened (illegally) on the traditional last Tuesday of February to elect a board of selectmen known for support of the old charter: William Johnson (Jr.), Francis Kendall, Samuel Walker, William Lock(e) and Increase Winn. Each of these votes was subsequently annulled by the Royal administration.17
     Francis Kendall filed claim, 20 Feb 1700, against the estate of his deceased son-in-law Ephraim Winship for £12 for board of Ephraim's "Antient mother in Law Reigner a Widow" [Mary, widow of Samuel Rayner] during the time of Philip's War.3 Francis's wife Mary died at Woburn in 170518, and he died there in 1708.19
     The will of Francis Kendall, Sr., "milliner" [miller], "stricken in years … and expecting daily his change," dated 9 May 1706, and signed by mark, contains 20 articles disposing of land. He gives one-half of his "Corne-Mill, together with the right of the streams, damms, and utencels thereunto belonging," to son John, one-quarter to Thomas, and one-quarter to Samuel. To daughters Mary Read, Hanah Green and Eunice wife of my son John Kendall he gives "all my householde stuff of what sort or kind soever, to be equaly devided between them for a requital of there great care and paine, in nursing their mother my late wiff in her last sickness, my daughter Mary Read to have the liberty to redeem my fether bed and to enjoy the same." He also remembers the 8 daughters of his brother Thomas, one of the first settlers of Reading, and a deacon of the church there, who had previously died without living sons. These daughters subsequently, "in order to preserve their maiden name, Kendall, among their posterity, directed, each of them, when married, that her first born son should have the given name, Kendall, prefixed to his surname; as Kendall Peirson, Kendall Boutwell, Kendall Eaton, etc. …" He appoints sons John Kendall and Thomas Kendall executors, and friends Majr. Jeremiah Swayn of Reading and James Fowle of Woburn overseers. Witnesses John Brooks, Daniel Baldwen, Edward Winn.20

     The record of his marriage named him Francis Kendall, alias Miles, and the tradition is that he emigrated without the knowledge of his family, and to avoid discovery altered his name.1
     "He was a gentleman of great respectability and influence, in the place of his residence. He served the town, at different times, 18 years on the Board of Selectmen; and was often appointed on important committees, especially on one for distributing the common lands of the town, 1667; and on another, respecting the erection of the second meeting house, 1672."14
     See Memorial of Josiah Kendall, 1-9.21

Local Notes:

Elected1659, Woburn, MAFrancis Kendall, 1659, 1670, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.22

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Samuel/3 Buck

M, #10465, (6 February 1642/43 - 21 September 1690)
Father*Roger/2 Buck1 b. c 1617, d. 10 Nov 1693
Mother*Susanna (–?–)1 b. s 1620, d. 20 Sep 1685
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Children with Rachel Leven:

  • Nathaniel/4 Buck5 b. 16 Jul 1672, d. 19 Jul 1672
  • Hannah/4 Buck6 b. 3 Jan 1674
  • Rachel/4 Buck+7 b. 7 Jul 1676, d. 23 Feb 1697/98
  • Sarah/4 Buck8 b. 5 Jul 1684
  • Samuel/4w Buck9 b. 3 Dec 1686
Samuel/3 Buck, born 6 Feb 1642/43 at Cambridge, Massachusetts,1, was mentioned, 29 Aug 1668, in a Middlesex County Court deposition by his brother Ephraim/3 Buck, in the matter of Edmund Augier's horse.2 He married, 16 Mar 1669/70 at Cambridge, Rachel Leven.3 There he died 21 Sep 1690, a. 47.4

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Rachel/4w Brooks

F, #10466, (29 November 1695 - 21 June 1750)
Father*Jabez/3w Brooks1 b. 17 Jul 1673, d. 30 Jan 1746/47
Mother*Rachel/4 Buck1 b. 7 Jul 1676, d. 23 Feb 1697/98
Appears on charts:Descendants of Henry/1w Brooks
Descendants of John/2w Brooks
Descendants of Jabez/3w Brooks
Descendants of Rachel/4w Brooks
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Child with Joseph Wright:

Woburn's First Burial Ground as it stands today. Courtesy Jan Patrick Mongoven.
Rachel/4w Brooks was born 29 Nov 1695 at Woburn, Massachusetts,1, where she married, 19 Nov 1729, Joseph Wright of Woburn.2 There she died 21 Jun 1750, a. 54.3 His death is not of record there. Rachel is interred in the First Burial Ground.4

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Rachel/4 Buck

F, #10467, (7 July 1676 - 23 February 1697/98)
Father*Samuel/3 Buck1 b. 6 Feb 1642/43, d. 21 Sep 1690
Mother*Rachel Leven1 b. s 1650
Appears on charts:Descendants of Henry/1w Brooks
Descendants of John/2w Brooks
Descendants of Jabez/3w Brooks
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Child with Jabez/3w Brooks:

Rachel/4 Buck, born 7 Jul 1676 at Cambridge, Massachusetts,1, married, as his 1st wife, 18 Dec 1694 at Woburn, Jabez/3w Brooks, son of John/2w Brooks and Eunice/2 Mousall, with whom she had one daughter.2,3 She died at Woburn 23 Feb 1697/98, a. 21.4 Jabez married (2), 1698, Hepsibah/3 Cutter, with whom he had 10 children5,3, and died at Woburn 30 Jan 1746/47, a. 73.6

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