Sgt. William/1 Bateman

M, #13280, (say 1580 - 1658)
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Child with an unknown spouse/person:

Sgt. William/1 Bateman was a deputy to a "Genrall Court holden at Mr Deputyes house, on Tewsday, the 29th of Sept., 1629," in London, at which the Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England elected to postpone the transfer of its charter to New England.1,2 He came to New England with the Winthrop Fleet, 16303, took the oath of fidelity, and was admitted a freeman of Massachusetts Bay, 18 May 1631.4,5 At a court held at Boston, 3 Jul 1632, Willm Parkes doeth pmise, if Srieant Bateman comes noe more, to satisfie Mr Pinchon wt shalbe thought meete by 2 indifferent men for 3 leaden waights by him lost, and 12 pre of stockins wch the said Bateman solde to Mr Pinchon for good ones, but [proved] badd & Moath-eaten.6
     Known as Sgt. Bateman in colony records, William Bateman was an inhabitant of Charlestown, 1638, when he was "Granted planting ground when the Indians are satisfied."7 He first relocated to Concord, then about 1644 to Fairfield, Connecticut.1 His will, made 24 Mar 1656, left £5 to his grandson Joseph Middlebrook, and half his estate to son Thomas, "now of Concord," the other half to his son-in-law Henry Lyon.8,9 He died at Fairfield in 1658.8

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