Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks

M, #2177, (1 September 1672 - 3 July 1733)
Father*Caleb/2a Brooks1 b. c 1632, d. 29 Jul 1696
Mother*Hannah/2 Atkinson1 b. 5 Mar 1643, d. 10 Mar 1708/9
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Descendants of Caleb/2a Brooks
Descendants of Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks
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Children with Sarah/3 Boylston:, memorial #26920725. Photo by BobBoston.
Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks, born 1 Sep 1672 at Concord, Massachusetts,1, was left 20s. in the will of his aunt Mary/2a Brooks, 20 Apr 1691.2 After his father Caleb's death on 29 Jul 1696, Samuel and his brother Ebenezer signed the subsequent settlement as administrators of the estate. "He inherited nearly one half of his father's property in Medford. His house was on the east side of the road to Woburn, and nearly opposite that of his descendant the late Peter C. Brooks."3 He married, by 1701, perhaps at Charlestown, Sarah/3 Boylston, daughter of Dr. Thomas/2 Boylston and Mary Gardner, with whom he had 2 children.4,5 (Their siblings Capt. Ebenezer Brooks and Abigail Boylston also married.)
     Samuel signed the church covenant at Medford with his brother Ebenezer in 1712. The following year, his wife Sarah and her sister Abigail were dismissed from the church at Cambridge to Medford.6 Samuel died at Medford 3 Jul 1733, a. 60.7
     "By his Will," says Bond, "dated Feb. 20, 1733, he gave to his wife Sarah one-half the dwelling-house, barn, and calash-house, his Negro man, Bristow, the furniture and one tankard during her life, one-third the horse-cart, and one-third part of the farming utensils. To his dr. Sarah one-half the dwelling-house and barn, one horse, two cows, and five sheep, and tankard after her mother's decease, one third part the silver money, one-third the cattle and swine, and one-third the articles of husbandry. To son Samuel, the house in which he dwells, and the barn, one suit wearing apparel, boot lashes and silver buckles, one-third the silver money, silver-hilted sword and pistols, best saddle and housing, and Negro man named Boston, and one third part the cattle and swine."8 His inventory, dated 15 Mar 1733/34, valued his real estate in Medford, Concord and Charlestown at £2,857. Son Samuel was executor, and by the settlement dated 21 Jan 1734/5, was to pay the widow Sarah £541-13-0.9
     Samuel's widow Sarah died at Medford 16 Oct 1736, a. 55.10 They are buried in Salem Street Cemetery.11
     He left, in Savage's words. "gd. est. in lds," of which Wyman itemizes: 20 acres woods. 4 acres salt marsh. 6½ acres Labor-in-vain point—N & SE, Medford river; W, Royal's marsh. 13 acres—W, E. Turell; E, Waters lot; N & S, ranges. 7 acres—N, Woburn line; S, E. Thompson; W, Joseph Francis; E, Capt. Brooks.12,13

Local Notes:

Propertyfrom 1710 to 1732, Charlestown, MATax abated, 1726–7; taxed 1727–1732. Buys of W. Jamison, 1-5 of wood lot bo't of M. Carter, 1708–9. Of John Rand, 1-5 wood-lot late of S. Carter, 1710–11. Of E. Cleveland, 4 acres salt marsh (see E.C.), 171313

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His wife was the 2nd great grand-aunt of President James A. Garfield, making their children 1st cousins three times removed of the President.

Samuel/4a Brooks

M, #2178, (5 May 1694 - 6 April 1758)
Father*Ens. Daniel/3a Brooks1 b. 15 Nov 1663, d. 18 Oct 1733
Mother*Anna/3 Merriam1 b. 7 Sep 1669, d. 24 Jan 1757
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Children with Elizabeth/5 Garfield:

  • Samuel/5a Brooks8 b. 23 Aug 1739, d. 12 Jan 1812
  • Elizabeth/5a Brooks9 b. 18 Jan 1740/41, d. 20 Oct 1768
  • Lieut. Enoch/5a Brooks10 b. 9 Sep 1742, d. 18 Sep 1825
  • Mary/5a Brooks11 b. 13 Feb 1743/44, d. 22 Aug 1791
  • Elisha/5a Brooks12 b. 28 Jun 1746, d. 14 Oct 1771
  • Anna/5a Brooks13 b. 30 Apr 1748, d. 17 May 1767
  • Sarah/5a Brooks14 b. 3 Sep 1751, d. 25 Mar 1794
  • Mercy/5a Brooks15 b. 26 Apr 1755, d. 27 Apr 1770
Samuel/4a Brooks, born 5 May 1694 at Concord, Massachusetts,1, was, with his brother Job, executor of his father's will dated 6 Jan 1728/29.2 He married, 6 Sep 1738 at Weston, Elizabeth/5 Garfield of Weston, daughter of Lt. Thomas/4 Garfield and Mercy Bigelow.3 He died at Concord 6 Apr 1758, a. 634, and his widow 31 Jan 1782, a. 73.5 They are interred in the Hill Burying Ground6, his g.s. inscribed, The memory of ye [just] is blessed.7

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Samuel/4a Brooks

M, #2179, (8 February 1709/10 - 22 September 1766)
Father*Capt. Ebenezer/3a Brooks1 b. c 24 Feb 1670, d. 11 Feb 1742/43
Mother*Abigail/3 Boylston1 b. 15 Nov 1674, d. 23 May 1756
Appears on charts:Descendants of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks
Descendants of Caleb/2a Brooks
Descendants of Capt. Ebenezer/3a Brooks
Descendants of Samuel/4a Brooks
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Children with Abigail/4 Hastings:

  • Abigail/5a Brooks11 b. 20 Jan 1747/48, d. 21 Feb 1747/48
  • Abigail/5a Brooks12 b. 28 Aug 1749, d. circa 1779
  • Anna/5a Brooks13 b. 5 Jan 1750/51
  • Mary/5a Brooks14 b. 3 Feb 1753, d. 20 Sep 1763
  • Samuel/5a Brooks15 b. 7 Nov 1754, d. 7 Apr 1823
  • Thomas/5a Brooks16 b. 5 Jun 1756, d. 20 May 1823
  • Pvt. Abijah/5a Brooks17 b. 5 Aug 1759, d. 5 Nov 1812
  • Philemon/5a Brooks18 b. 26 Jan 1761, d. 16 Oct 1762
Samuel/4a Brooks, born 8 Feb 1709/10 at Medford, Massachusetts,1, "Inherited jointly with his brother [Thomas] the homestead and buildings of his father, and of his grandfather Caleb," where he lived all his life.2 In the settlement of his father's estate, 1743, Samuel and his brother Thomas had the homestead, and, with their brothers Caleb and Ebenezer, all of the considerable real estate.3 He married, 2 Apr 1747 at Waltham, Abigail/4 Hastings, daughter of Samuel/3 Hastings and Bethiah ?Holloway.4,5 At a Medford town meeting, 13 May 1761, Samuel Brooks Esqr and Simon Tufts Gentleman were two of six Medford residents chosen a committee to negotiate an agreement with other towns in the region to share maintenance costs of Mistick Bridge.6
     He died at Medford 22 Sep 1766, a. 56.7 Administration of his will was granted 11 Nov 1766 to his widow.2,8 The most valuable item in his inventory was "an old negro man Punch, £2.0.0."9 Widow Abigail Brooks died at Medford 14 Apr 1777.10

Local Notes:

Appointed13 May 1761, Medford, MAAgreement of Medford about ye Bridge. | Know all men by these Presents, that we Samuel Brooks Esqr, …Simon Tufts Gentleman … [and 4 others] being chosen and impowered by the Town of Medford to agree with the Town of Woburn about Medford Bridge, we being all of the Town of Medford in the County of Middlesex and Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, DO agree that for and in consideration of the sum of Twenty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence of Lawful Money paid by the Town of Woburn before the ensealing hereof, do hereby acquit and discharge the said Town of Woburn from all past and future charges arising by reason of said Bridge, and do, in our said capacity take upon the town of Medford all the charges and care of said Bridge, which the Town of Woburn was bound to do or ever shall be: In Witness whereof …6
Propertybetween 1738 and 1766, Charlestown, MAESTATE.—Taxed 1741, 1742, 1745, 1746, 1758 (two Samuels on list simultaneously). S.B. Jr., brickmaker, buys of A. Porter Jr., 7 acres of wood-lot No. 92—N & S, ranges; E, A.P. Jr., late Lt. Waters; W, Capt. E. Phillips; 1738, rec. 1742. Of John Mullet—N, J.M. 10 rods; E, J.M. 12 rods; W, W. Dixon, 12 rods; S, D. Russell, 10 rods; reserving way through from Mullet's house; 1749, rec. 1752.8

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Mary/4 Boutwell

F, #2180, (23 May 1698 - 25 May 1772)
Father*Dea. Thomas/3 Boutwell1 b. 28 Mar 1669, d. 20 Dec 1737
Mother*Abigail (–?–)1 b. s 1670
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Descendants of Caleb/2a Brooks
Descendants of Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks
Descendants of Samuel/4a Brooks Jr.
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Children with Samuel/4a Brooks:

  • Mary/5a Brooks9 b. 26 Jul 1726, d. 14 Aug 1726
  • Sarah/5a Brooks10 b. 26 Jul 1726, d. 5 Aug 1726
  • Mary/5a Brooks11 b. 18 Jan 1727/28, d. 10 Oct 1765
  • Dea. Samuel/5a Brooks12 b. 7 Sep 1729, d. 21 Mar 1807
  • Capt. Thomas/5a Brooks13 b. 6 Jan 1732, d. 7 Mar 1799
  • Rev. Edward/5a Brooks14 b. 31 Oct 1733, d. 6 May 1781
  • Jonathan/5a Brooks15 b. 10 Aug 1735, d. 28 Aug 1750, memorial #30266525. Modern gravestone, Oak Grove Cemetery. Photo by BobBoston.
Mary/4 Boutwell, born 23 May 1698 at Reading, Massachusetts,1, there married, 25 Mar 1725, Samuel/4a Brooks Jr. of Medford, son of Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks and Sarah/3 Boylston, and "brought with her a large landed property in that town" and in present-day Wilmington.2,3,4 Her husband's will, 2 Sep 1762, left her, "among other articles, the negro girl Rose, then sick; if she died, then to have Dinah."5 Samuel died at Medford 5 Jul 1768, a. 676, and Mary 25 May 1772, a. 74.7 Both were buried in Salem Street Cemetery, and reinterred 14 Jul 1881 in the new Oak Grove Cemetery, Medford. Samuel's original gravestone is still standing in the Salem Street Cemetery.8

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