Sarah/2h Brooks

F, #2188, (December 1662 - )
Father*Thomas/1h Brooks1,2 b. s 1622, d. 18 Oct 1668
Mother*Marah/2 Spencer1 b. c 1642, d. b 22 Dec 1714
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Children with William Lord:

Child with Samuel Ingram:

Sarah/2h Brooks was born in Dec 1662 at Haddam, Connecticut.1 11 Apr 1670, distribution of the estate of her father Thomas Brooks included £14 for each of the three daughters. Sarah's mother was to maintain and bring up the children, and teach the daughters to read and sew, and the son to read and write.1
     Sarah married (1), by 1679, William Lord Jr., son of William Lord and Hattie Nickerson,3 who died at Haddam shortly before 4 Dec 1696.4 His widow was reportedly the Sarah (---) who there married (2), 25 Feb 1702/3, Samuel Ingram.5,4

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Sarah/3a Brooks

F, #2189, (16 December 1668 - 9 March 1748)
Father*Caleb/2a Brooks1 b. c 1632, d. 29 Jul 1696
Mother*Susanna/2 Atkinson1 b. 28 Apr 1641, d. 19 Jan 1668/69
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Child with Philip/2 Russell:

Sarah/3a Brooks was born 16 Dec 1668 at Concord, Massachusetts.1 Her father's will, dated Aug 1696, designated Sarah to have eighty pounds in money and a convenient room in the house her father died in as long as she remained single.2
     Of Medford, she married, as his 2nd wife, 18 Oct 1705 at Cambridge Farms (now Lexington), Philip/2 Russell of C.F., son of William/1 Russell and Martha (–?–),3,4,5, who died there 7 Feb 1731.6,7 Sarah, widow of Phillip Russel, late of Lexington, died 9 Mar 1748 at Middleton, Massachusetts, a. 79.8
     Bond erroneously calls her the daughter of Caleb's 2nd wife Hannah, and says she "survived her father, and d. unm." Savage says, "Sarah d. unm. or, as one story is, m. 18 Oct 1705, Philemon Russell."9

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Sarah/4a Brooks

F, #2190, (17 April 1702 - 11 October 1739)
Father*Capt. Samuel/3a Brooks1 b. 1 Sep 1672, d. 3 Jul 1733
Mother*Sarah/3 Boylston1 b. 26 Dec 1680, d. 16 Oct 1736
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Child with Rev. Shearjashub/4 Bourne:

  • Shearjashub/5a Bourne7 b. 28 Sep 1739, d. 12 Aug 1819
Sarah/4a Brooks was born 17 Apr 1702 at Medford, Massachusetts.1 Her father's will, 20 Feb 1733, left daughter Sarah half the dwelling-house and barn, one horse, two cows, and five sheep, a tankard after her mother's decease, one third part the silver money, one third the cattle and swine, and one third the articles of husbandry.2
     Sarah married, as the 2nd of his four wives, 12 Feb 1736 at Medford (int. 27 Dec, Scituate), Rev. Shearjashub/4 Bourne of Scituate, son of Col. Melatiah/3 Bourne and Desire Chipman.3,4 She died at Scituate 11 Oct 1739, a. 37, about two weeks after the birth of a son.5 Her husband married twice more, and died 14 Aug 1768 at West Roxbury.6

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