Mary/2a Brooks

F, #2244, (circa 1623 - 4 October 1693)
Father*Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks1 b. 2 Mar 1594/95, d. 21 May 1667
Mother*Grace/1 Cunliffe1 b. 14 Oct 1593, d. 22 May 1664
Appears on charts:Descendants of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks
Descendants of Mary/2a Brooks
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Children with Capt. Timothy/1 Wheeler:

Mary/2a Brooks, probably the eldest surviving child (Bond, Threlfall), was born in England, perhaps circa 1623. (A Mrs. Mary Wheeler was aged 64 in 1687 per deposition in Middlesex, Connecticut.)2 Of Concord, Massachusetts, she married, as his 3rd wife (though no record survives), circa 1655 (Torrey), Capt. Timothy/1 Wheeler of Concord, son of Thomas/a Wheeler and Rebecca (–?–), with whom she had 3 daughters.3,2 Her husband shared in the partition of her father's estate, 1667.4,2 She was named in her husband's will, 1 Mar 1686/87, and left lands at Charlestown and at Town End upon his death, 30 Jul 1687.5,6
     The will of Mary Wheeler, "stricken in years," dated 20 Apr 1691 and proved 30 Oct 1693, signed by mark, leaves son (in law) Ebenezer Prout 5s. To his son Ebenezer my grand child that now liveth with me and shall so live till he is 21 or my decease, one silver cupp marked E.W. and a feather bed with its furniture being my best bed and furniture and £5. To my three grandsons, sons of my son Prout, each of them two pair of sheets. To son (in law) Minot 5s. and £10 he borrowed of me to purchase a piece of land with, and to his wife Rebecca my daughter one silver cupp without letters, a standing cupp and a bible with silver clasps. To the eldest son born of my daughter Rebecca if God shall give her one, all the lands in Charlestown, about 8 acres and 15 acres of marsh belonging to it with 8 cow commons; if she has no son, then to my three granddaughters now born of my daughter Rebecca, Rebecca, Lidia, and Mary, all my house and land at the east end of the town. To Mary Ball my kinswoman (niece) that formerly lived with me a good cow. To nephews Ebenezer and Samuel, sons of my brother Caleb Brooks, 20s. each. My said brother Caleb Brooks to be sole executor and give him £5; Mr. Humphrey Barratt of Concord and Mr. Steven Willis of Medford to be overseers and to each of them 10 shillings in money. Witnesses were William Johnson, Stephen Willis and John Willis.6
     Mary died at Concord 4 Oct 16937, and is interred with her husband in the Hill Burying Ground.8

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John/3w Brooks

M, #2245, (16 October 1662 - 22 November 1714)
Father*Capt. Timothy/2w Brooks1 b. c 1635, d. b 7 Oct 1712
Mother*Mary Russell1 b. c 1634, d. 15 Sep 1680
Appears on charts:Descendants of Henry/1w Brooks
Descendants of Timothy/2w Brooks
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John/3w Brooks, born 16 Oct 1662 at Woburn, Massachusetts,1, married (1), circa 1683? [Torrey: "doubtful"] at Swansea?, Massachusetts, Martha/3 Cole of Swansea, daughter of Hugh/2 Cole and Mary/2 Foxwell, with whom he had no issue.2,3 7 Jan 1705/6, John Brooks presented an account of the estate of his sister-in-law Mercy Cole of Rehoboth, which mentions disbursements to both Jonathan Kingsley and John Brooks "for diet."4 Mentioned in his father's will, 12 Mar 1708/95,6, he married (2), 16 Aug 1711 at Newport, Rhode Island, Tabitha Wright of Oyster Bay, Long Island.7,3 10 Mar 1712, John Brooks of Swanzey, as attorney for Timothy and Hannah Brooks, receipted to Thomas Bowen, executor, for 8 pounds 10 shillings, '& one bed & beding in full of a Legacie … unto sd Hannah Brooks.8'
     John removed with (or preceded?) his father to Swansea, where he remained when his parents moved on to West Jersey sometime after 1690.9 Thomas Bowen of Swansea, executor of the estate of Obadiah/2 Bowen of Swansea, reports, 12 May 1712, a legacy to John Brooks for (brother) Timothy Brooks (of West Jersey) and Hannah his wife.10
     The will of John Brooks of Swansea, yeoman, "Very sick & weak," dated 9 Apr 1713 and proved 20 Dec 1714, mentions wife Tabitha; sisters Elizabeth Lewis, Hepsabeth Mason, Rebecca Martin, Abigail Press ("Liveing in West Jersey") and Anna Right; elder brother Timothy Brooks ("liveing at said West Jersey"), brother Josiah Brooks of W.J; cousin Mary Salisbury, daughter of my sister Mary Salisbury dcd; cousin Samuel Salisbury, brother of my said Mary Salisbury; cousin James Lewis, son of my sister Elizabeth Lewis of S; cousin Job Mason, son of my sister Hipzabath Mason of S; cousin Mary Lewis, daughter of my sister Lewis; brother-in-law Palatiah Mason of S; brother-in-law Melatiah Martin of Rehoboth; Christian Kingsley, wife of Nathaniel Kingsley of S; Mary Cole & Lidia Cole, daughters of Hugh Cole of S; and Mary Brown, daughter of Lt. John Brown of S. and granddaughter of Capt. James Cole, "My first wifes relations that is to say the Coles." Witnesses: William Wood, Samuel Gardner and Joseph Mason.11,3 His wife Tabitha died at Swansea 19 Nov 1714, three days before him.12 He died at Swansea 22 Nov 1714, a. 52.13,14
     The inventory of John Brooks, dated 7 Dec 1714, was presented by executors Thomas Lewis & Pelatiah Mason, his brothers-in-law. Appraisers: Joseph Mason, William Wood and William Anthony.13

     "The John Brooks listed by Bond as an eldest son [of Joshua] was an error," says Threlfall. "He was son of Timothy, Henry, and d. at Sudbury 4 Aug. 1713." Threlfall errs in ascribing to John/3w Brooks of Swansea (son of Timothy/Mary) the Sudbury death record of John/3a Brooks (son of Joshua/Hannah)15

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Mary/2 Cooper

F, #2246, (11 September 1645 - 5 March 1731)
Father*Dea. John/1 Cooper1 b. c 1616, d. 22 Aug 1691
Mother*Anna/2 Sparhawk1 b. s 1625
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Children with John/2 Merriam:, memorial #22544624. Photo by Nareen et al.
Mary/2 Cooper was born 11 Sep 1645 at Cambridge, Massachusetts,1, probably where she married, 21 Oct 1663 (also rec. Concord), John/2 Merriam of Concord, son of Joseph/1 Merriam and Sarah/1 Goldstone.2,3 He died at Concord 2 Feb 1723/24, a. 824, and she his widow 5 Mar 1731, a. 85.5 They are interred in the Hill Burying Ground.6,7

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Dea. John/1 Cooper

M, #2247, (circa 1616 - 22 August 1691)
Mother*Mrs. Lydia/a Cooper1 b. s 1585
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Children with Anna/2 Sparhawk:

  • Anna/2 Cooper4 b. 16 Nov 1643, d. 8 May 1666
  • Mary/2 Cooper+11 b. 11 Sep 1645, d. 5 Mar 1731
  • John/2 Cooper12 b. 2 Apr 1651, d. 26 Aug 1652
  • Lt./Dea. Samuel/2 Cooper13 b. 3 Dec 1653, d. 8 Jan 1717/18
  • John/2 Cooper14 b. 3 Oct 1656, d. 12 Feb 1735/36
  • Nathaniel/2 Cooper15 b. 2 May 1659, d. 19 Dec 1661
  • Lydia/2 Cooper16 b. 8 Apr 1662
  • Hannah/2 Cooper17,4 b. 26 Dec 1668, memorial #59217887. Photo by Bill Boyington.
Dea. John/1 Cooper, of Dedham, Essex, England, emigrated to New England2, and married, probably at Cambridge, Massachusetts,(where an extant church record of the event is undated), Anna/2 Sparhawk, daughter of Dea. Nathaniel/1 Sparhawk and Mary (–?–).2,3 His children, beginning in 1643, were born at Cambridge.4 Juror, 7 Oct 16565, trial jury foreman, 6 Oct 16576, grand juror, 3 Apr 16607 and 2 Oct 1660.8 He died at Cambridge? 22 Aug 1691 (g.s.)9, and is interred in the Old Burying Ground.10

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Sarah/1 Goldstone

F, #2248, (circa 1605 - 12 March 1670/71)
Father*John/a Goldstone1 b. 1574, d. b 10 Apr 1637
Mother*Frances Jefferie1 b. s 1575
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Children with Joseph/1 Merriam:

  • William/2 Merriam2 b. circa 1624
  • Sarah/2 Merriam+2 b. circa 1626, d. 1 Feb 1676
  • Joseph/2 Merriam+1 b. circa 1629, d. 20 Apr 1677
  • Thomas/2 Merriam1 b. circa 1630
  • Elizabeth/2 Merriam1 b. say 1632
  • Hannah/2 Merriam1 b. say 1636
  • John/2 Merriam+6 b. 9 Jul 1641, d. 2 Feb 1723/24

Children with Lt. Joseph/1 Wheeler:

Sarah/1 Goldstone married (1), circa 1622 at Tudeley, Kent, Joseph/1 Merriam, son of William/a Merriam and Sarah Burgess, with whom she had 6 children in England and one at Concord, Massachusetts.1 Sister Sara, wife of Joseph Merryam of Tewdly, clothier, was bequeathed 10 shillings in the will of her brother Robert Goldston, 10 Apr 1637.1
     She emigrated with her husband and his two brothers to New England, Jul 1638, and settled at Concord1,2, where Joseph Merriam died 1 Jan 1640/41.3 His will, dated 29 Dec 1640, speaks of sons and daughters and leaves the care of all to wife Sarah. In an unusual provision, he stipulates that should his widow remarry, she shall nevertheless have the widow's third of his estate.1,2 Sarah did marry (2), probably in the latter half of 1642, as his 2nd wife, Lt. Joseph/1 Wheeler, son of Thomas/a Wheeler and Rebecca (–?–), with whom she had two daughters.4,5 She died at Concord 12 Mar 1670/71.5

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ch1/4a Brooks

?, #2249, (5 June 1693 - 9 June 1693)
Father*Ens. Daniel/3a Brooks1 b. 15 Nov 1663, d. 18 Oct 1733
Mother*Anna/3 Merriam1 b. 7 Sep 1669, d. 24 Jan 1757
Appears on charts:Descendants of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks
Descendants of Dea. Joshua/2a Brooks
Descendants of Ens. Daniel/3a Brooks
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An unnamed child was born 5 Jun 1693 at Concord, Massachusetts,and there died 4 days later.1

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Lydia/4 Barker

F, #2250, (18 June 1711 - 30 June 1802)
Father*John/3 Barker1 b. 23 Aug 1669
Mother*Elizabeth Harwood1 b. s 1675
Appears on charts:Descendants of Capt. Thomas/1a Brooks
Descendants of Dea. Joshua/2a Brooks
Descendants of Ens. Daniel/3a Brooks
Descendants of Dea. John/4a Brooks
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Children with Dea. John/4a Brooks:

  • Ens. John/5a Brooks8 b. 17 Dec 1728, d. 1 Sep 1784
  • Capt. Samuel/5a Brooks9 b. 16 Mar 1729/30, d. 29 Jun 1817
  • Lt. Charles/5a Brooks10 b. 6 Apr 1732, d. 8 Mar 1798
  • Lydia/5a Brooks11 b. 7 May 1734, d. 15 Jan 1756
  • Dr. Ephraim/5a Brooks12 b. 5 Aug 1736, d. 13 Jul 1823
  • Daniel/5a Brooks13 b. 24 Oct 1738, d. 25 Aug 1820
  • Capt. Nathaniel/5a Brooks14 b. 17 Feb 1740/41, d. 3 Feb 1838
  • Jonas/5a Brooks15 b. 18 Mar 1743, d. 15 Mar 1746
  • Dr. Peter/5a Brooks16 b. 29 Mar 1745
  • Jonas/5a Brooks17 b. 31 Jul 1747, d. 8 Nov 1825, memorial #71003325. Photo by Crystal Orton.
Lydia/4 Barker, born 18 Jun 1711 at Concord, Massachusetts,1, married, Jan 1728, Dea. John/4a Brooks of Concord, son of Ens. Daniel/3a Brooks and Anna/3 Merriam.2 They had 10 children, two of them doctors. They lived in that part of Concord which became Acton, where John Brooks died 6 Mar 1777.3 There she died his widow 30 [3, g.s.] Jun 1802, a. 91.4,5 They are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery.6
     Lydia's sister Dorothy died 9 days after her, and the Columbian Centinel, in its death notice for both, noted, Sisters. Through a long life, they were lovely and pleasant to each other, to their numerous descendants and friends, and in their death, they were not divided.4,7

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