John/a Beebe

M, #58599, (circa 1600 - 18 May 1650)
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Children with Rebecca Ladd:

  • Ens. John/1 Beebe+3 b. 4 Nov 1628, d. 14 Apr 1714
  • Samuel/1 Beebe4 b. 23 Jun 1633, d. between 14 Mar 1712 and 12 Apr 1712
John/a Beebe, born circa 1600 at Broughton, Northamptonshire,1, there married Rebecca Ladd of Broughton.1 He died 18 May 1650, aboard ship crossing the Atlantic, a. 49.1
     "John Beebe left England for this country in the month of April or May, 1650, accompanied by five of his children. Two sons, John and Samuel, had preceded him by a few months. It is presumed that he died on the same day that he wrote his will, i.e. 18 May 1650, aboard ship. His wife Rebecka and daughter Hannah are not mentioned in his will, and it is presumed that they died prior to the voyage.1
     "His five children probably landed in Boston (although John Beebe's will was recorded in Hartford, not Boston, and Rebecca Beebe was married Jan. 2, 1651 at Hartford, indicating that they may have landed at Hartford), and lived briefly at Gloucester, Massachusetts, and had worked their way to New London by the spring of 1651. On Dec. 3, 1651 there was a land grant in New London to John Beebe, Thomas Beebe, and Samuel Beebe. It therefore appears that the Beebe children were together in New London by this time."2

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