John/4w Brooks

M, #5955, (14 January 1708/9 - before 6 March 1787)
Father*Jabez/3w Brooks1 b. 17 Jul 1673, d. 30 Jan 1746/47
Mother*Hepsibah/3 Cutter1 b. 15 Aug 1671, d. 1 Jan 1745/46
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Descendants of John/4w Brooks
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Children with Hannah Cutter:

  • John/5w Brooks1 b. 5 Dec 1734, d. before 28 Apr 1799
  • Corp. Jabez/5w Brooks11 b. 30 Sep 1736
  • Hannah/5w Brooks12 b. 4 Jun 1739
  • Sgt. Thomas/5w Brooks13 b. 22 Mar 1742

Child with Elizabeth/4 Kendall:

  • Samuel/5w Brooks14,15 b. 17 Apr 1748, d. 26 Nov 1831

Children with Parnell (Parnie) Houghton:

  • Parnee/5w Brooks16 b. 18 Feb 1751, d. 21 Mar 1784
  • Elizabeth/5w Brooks17 b. 12 Mar 1756
  • Benjamin/5w Brooks18 b. 1 Jun 1762, d. 14 Jun 1836
  • Sylvia/5w Brooks19 b. 12 Sep 1766, d. 10 Apr 1808
John/4w Brooks, born 14 Jan 1708/9 at Woburn, Massachusetts,1, married (1), by 1734, perhaps at West Cambridge, Hannah Cutter, daughter of Dea. John Cutter and Lydia Harrington.2
     John's 1st wife died at Woburn 14 Apr 1742.3 He married (2) (int. 9 Mar 1744, Woburn), Elizabeth/4 Kendall of Woburn, daughter of Lt. Samuel/3 Kendall and Elizabeth (–?–),2,4, who died in Apr 1748, after the birth of a son at Lancaster, to which they had removed.5 There he married (3), 20 Oct 1748 (int. 9 Sep), Parnell (Parnie) Houghton of Lancaster, daughter of Benjamin Houghton and Ruth Wheelock.6 He was admitted to communion at Chocksett (Second) Church, 18 Dec 1748, from the First Church in Woburn, and his wife 19 Nov 1749.7
     Then of Charlemont, Massachusetts, his will, dated 30 Aug 1783 and probated 6 Mar 1787, names wife Parnee and youngest son Benjamin executors, leaving Benjamin all my shop tools; mentions eldest son John Jr. and sons Jabez, Thomas and Samuel; eldest daughter Parnee White, and daughters Elizabeth Butler and Sylvia Brooks.8,9

Local Notes:

Property16 Jan 1739/40, Woburn, MAJabez Brooks, of Woburn, husbandman, "in consideration of love, good will, and affection....towards my loving wife, Hepsibeth Brooks," conveys certain household articles and wearing apparel, one large Bible, one silver spoon, a large cupboard, and all "my linen," and a bond due to her from "my son," Ebenezer Brooks.
     On the same date, Jabez Brooks, in a similar conveyance, mentions his sons, Nathaniel Brooks, husbandman, Samuel Brooks, husbandman, John Brooks and Ebenezer Brooks, housewrights, and Benjamin Brooks, husbandman, all of Woburn, to whom he conveys his right in a "way leading from the country road between my house and Mr. Belknap's house to the Richardson Row, to lie for an open road," etc.10

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