Thomas Bathrick

M, #70133, (say 1653 - 2 November 1683)
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Child with Elizabeth Wells:

  • Elizabeth Bathrick1 b. 20 Jan 1673/74

Children with Ruth/3 Buck:

  • Anna Bathrick1 b. 8 Nov 1675
  • Ruth Bathrick1 b. 17 Aug 1677
  • Thomas Bathrick+1 b. 15 May 1680
  • Jonathan Bathrick2 b. 3 Sep 1683
Thomas Bathrick, of Charlestown, Massachusetts, there married (1), 5 Apr 1673, Elizabeth Wells, who died 3 Feb 1673/4.1 He married (2) Ruth/3 Buck of Cambridge, daughter of Roger/2 Buck and Susanna (–?–).2,1 He died at Cambridge 2 Nov 1683.3

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Elizabeth Wells

F, #70138, (say 1655 - 3 February 1673/74)
Last Edited:22 Aug 2017

Child with Thomas Bathrick:

  • Elizabeth Bathrick1 b. 20 Jan 1673/74
Elizabeth Wells married, as his 1st wife, 5 Apr 1673 at Charlestown, Massachusetts, Thomas Bathrick Sr.1, and died there 3 Feb 1673/74.1
     [T]he town of Malden was riven by scandal in the late winter of 1669. The trouble centered on the household of Peter Tufts, a leading citizen, and later tythingman and representative. The source of conflict was the pregnancy of Elizabeth Wells, a servant who had arrived some time the preceding year from England. Wells accused Peter Tufts's son James of taking his will of her twice, once unloading wheat, once 'at Indian Harvest when my master bargained with Mr Greenleafe for an ox … Another time when I was milking he asked me if I were with childe. I told him I could not tell but if I were with child the child was his.' James Tufts made his 'solemn profession before this honoured court that I never had anything to doe with her in that kind.' The Tufts family had another candidate to propose; this was Andrew Robinson, originally of Charlestown but lately a Malden servant of low repute. In their view he was a fitting partner in crime for the loudmouthed and discreditable Wells. Robinson, when examined by Thomas Danforth, denied the accusation. … [The narrative continues in similar fashion for two additional pages.]
     James Tufts was killed by Indians at Bloody Brook on 18 Sept. 1675. In April 1673 Elizabeth Wells married Thomas Bathrick. She died ten months later.2

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