Capt. Samuel/3 Dakin

M, #9099, (23 September 1700 - 20 July 1758)
Father*Dea. Joseph/2 Dakin1 b. c 1671, d. 13 Mar 1744
Mother*Dorothy/3 Worcester1 b. 21 Jan 1674/75
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Descendants of Mercy/4a Minot
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Children with Mercy/4a Minot:

  • Joseph/5a Dakin15 b. 20 May 1725, d. 22 Aug 1727
  • Oliver/5a Dakin16 b. 30 Mar 1727
  • Dea. Samuel/5a Dakin17 b. 17 May 1731, d. 23 Jan 1807
  • Mercy/5a Dakin18 b. 24 Apr 1733
  • Beulah/5a Dakin19 b. 22 Mar 1735, d. 1 Apr 1807
  • Dorothy/5a Dakin20 b. circa 1738, d. 13 Nov 1804
  • Mary/5a Dakin21 b. Aug 1741
  • Hannah/5a Dakin22 b. circa 1744, d. 28 Apr 1767
Capt. Samuel/3 Dakin was born 23 Sep 1700 at Concord, Massachusetts,1, where he married, 13 Dec 1722, in a double marriage with her twin sister performed by their father, Mercy/4a Minot of Concord, daughter of Dr. James/3 Minot and Rebecca/3a Wheeler.2
     A resident of that part of Concord which is now Sudbury, his farm was on the road running northerly to Concord, near the town boundary.3,4 His commission as ensign in the Second Foot of Sudbury was dated 19 Mar 17454, and his commission as captain in the regiment of Col. Josiah Brown dated 10 Sep 1755. (See the exhibit below.)4,5
     Commanding a company under Brown in Amherst's 1758 expedition against Canada6,3, he was slain 20 Jul 1758 by the French and Indians at Halfway Brook, near Lake George, New York, a. 57. The diary of Lt. Samuel Thompson of Woburn recorded:
[July] 20. Thursday, in the morning, 10 men in a scout waylaid by the Indians, and shot at and larmed the Fort, and a number of our men went out to assist them, and the enemy followed our men down to our Fort, and in their retreat, Capt. Jones and Lieut. Godfrey were killed, and Capt. Lawrence and Capt. Dakin, and Lieut. Curtis and Ensn Davis, and two or three non-commissioned officers and privates, to the number of fourteen men, who were brought into the Fort, all scalped but Ensn Davis, who was killed within 20 or 30 rods from the Fort: and there was one grave dug, and all of them were buried together, the officers by themselves at one end, and the rest at the other end of the grave; and Mr. Morrill made a prayer at the grave, and it was a solemn funeral: and Nathl Eaton died in the Fort and was buried; and we kept a very strong guard that night of 100 men.
     His orderly sergeant, William Rice, composed his epitaph:
Good by, Capt. Dakin Samuell.
In a battle near Lake George he fell.7,8

     Samuel Dakin's will was proved that same year.9 His widow died 25 Jul 1793, a. 91.10
     Hudson's Hist. Sudbury contains a biography with a copy of the religious covenant he had sworn and excerpts from his letters home during the campaign at 346-348.11

     • Capt. Samuel Dakin's military commission, 1755.12

Note: In 1847 the antiquarian Lemuel Shattuck published, in NEHGS Register installments, an account of the Minot family in which he conflated, at 1:177, the children of first cousins Capt. Samuel/3 Dakin of Sudbury, whose wife was Mercy, and Samuel/4a Dakin of Concord, whose wife was Mary. (The children of both couples were born contemporaneously.) Following painstaking analysis of each child in either family, I have followed Albert H. Dakin (1948) and R.D. Wheeler (1993), who themselves faithfully followed the original birth records, to disentangle Shattuck and assign parentage to each child. Children born to "Sam[ue]ll and Mercy" at Sudbury belong to Captain Samuel/3 Dakin; children born at Concord to "Samuel Dakin and Mary his Wife" belong to Samuel/4a Dakin. While the given name Mercy is sometimes confused with the given name Mary by town clerks of this era, and vice versa, in this case it was not.13,14

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